Smell Taste 2019

The conference builds on Fifth Sense’s successful U.K. events that provide a platform for those suffering from smell and taste disorders (and their loved ones) to come together, learn and share experiences. We also welcome clinicians, researchers and others with an interest in smell and taste to join us on May 17-19 and develop a better understanding of just how important these senses are to our lives.

The planned program for SmellTaste2019 will include educational sessions with leading smell and taste researchers, clinicians and patient advocates. These sessions will cover the science of smell and taste and the development of new treatments for smell and taste impairment, as well as suggest strategies for navigating the medical system. We also invite you to select one of 10 different discussion tables where you may delve more deeply into the different causes of smell or taste disorders.

If you are affected by a smell or taste disorder then the conference will provide you with  the opportunity to share experiences, gain mutual support, and, we hope, find ways of better coping with your condition through a number of workshops and social events. A free public lecture from Guest  will touch on the day to day impact of smell and taste disorders and help convey the importance of smell and taste in our daily lives. The talk is open to the general public.

The registration fee covers the full meeting program, meeting materials, and a catered luncheon on Saturday. The Gala Banquet, to be held in the Florida Museum of Natural History on Saturday evening, is also included as part of registration (but guest tickets can be purchased for the banquet separately). Registration is scheduled to open on Date.

We hope to see you in Gainesville for SmellTaste2019!